Brake Rotors: Which are the Best for Me?

Car brakes system

To get the best of one’s vehicle, maintenance is very important in order to keep it in good shape. Generally, maintenance involves keeping the vehicles tire pressure up, changing fitters and oil among other routine checkups. Vehicle brakes maintenance involves more than just maintaining the fluid level and generally changing the pads.

The brakes are a system that includes a part called a brake rotor. Brake rotors is extremely important to your braking system. Brake disks id the other name for the rotors and the brake pads clamp on to them so as to bring the vehicle to a halt. Most people neglect the importance of the rotors in their vehicles brake system forgetting that they are just as important as pads. This article shall look at the importance of the various of brake rotors available, their merits and demerits as well as on which vehicle types they could be installed.

Drilled Brake Rotors – The Good and the Bad.
The drilled brake rotors are one of the main types of high performance rotors. As their name suggests, they have holes drilled into them. Despite the concept of drilled holes on brake rotors aiding stopping vehicles being counter intuitive, the holes aid largely towards stopping vehicles.

When a brake pad clamps down onto a rotor it creates a great deal of friction. Heat is produced as a result of the heat created. If there’s nowhere for that heat to go it leads to something called ‘brake fade’ which lowers the stopping power of the brakes. The other main function of the holes is to help in releasing gas. The last good reason to have a drilled rotor is water. When the rotor is wet, it becomes very hard for the brake pads to hang on and hence reducing their ability to stop the vehicle on time. When the brake system has a drilled rotor as one of its component, it becomes easier to let the pad clamp and therefore stop the car on time.

Weakening of the brake system is the negative side of using the brake rotors. Rotors with holes drilled onto them are already weak from the onset, therefore after a bit of stressful driving, it is very possible for them to crack.

The advantages and disadvantages of slotted performance rotors

The drilled and slotted rotors make up the second component of high performance rotors. These brake rotors have slots carved into their surfaces which allows gas, water and heat to move away from the surface just as the drilled rotors do. Drivers of high performance vehicles prefer these kind of rotors because of their high stress driving. Slotted rotors tend to be more durable, making them a better choice for performance driving.

So what is their downside?
These rotors tend to eat up brake pads very quickly.It is therefore advised that unless one is into performance driving, drilled rotors should be used.


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